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Read the lastest update from Hillside - 27 September 2021

From Tuesday, 28 September 2021 we will see a return to Internal Visits for each resident’s Designated Visitor (or Deputy Designated Visitor in their absence).  Internal Visitors will need to have a Lateral Flow Device test (LFD Test) on the day of their internal visit and will need to wear an appropriate mask (we’ll supply a suitable mask if you don’t have one).  You can do these tests at home on the day of your visit before you come to the care home.  We will therefore give each Designated Visitor a box of 25 test kits to take home.

If an internal visitor has not taken a test that day then they will need to take the test at Hillside.  You will therefore need to allow an extra 30 minutes before the internal visit in order to take the test and wait outside for a negative result.  Clearly, if the result is positive then the visit cannot go ahead and you would also need to go to a Covid-19 testing centre to have a PCR test.

Outside Visits

Both the Designated Visitor and Deputy Designated Visitors can still use the outside visiting areas in the normal way if you prefer (without testing).  Please remember that we do have Infrared heaters in the gazebos which should make visiting outside at this time of year more pleasant.  Likewise, other family and friends can now also visit Residents in the outside areas.   It’s also fine to have two people visiting outside if you wish.

For all internal and outside visits please use the booking system in the normal way or book via Kath Evans, our Administrator, if you prefer.  It is really nice for your loved ones to know when you are visiting as they can look forward to this and likewise for the team to know on the day