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Hillside is now opening up to Garden Visits from 22nd June 2020 (see attached Newsletter dated 17th June for full details). We are really pleased that you will be able to visit your loved ones again. Initially, visits are limited to husbands, wives or partners; sons/daughters or next of kin. Also, please limit your visits to once per week and no more than two bookings in advance whilst we assess the underlying level of demand.

If your loved one resides on the Ground or 1st Floor then please select the Ground Floor Sun Terrace below. Likewise, if your loved one lives on the 2nd Floor please select the 2nd Floor Park View Courtyard below. However, you must be able to manage stairs easily as the passenger lift will not be an option as it is inside the care home. If you are not comfortable with walking up / down the outside stairs then please choose the Ground Floor Sun Terrace even if your loved one resides on the 2nd Floor.

All visits will be limited to 30 minutes and need to be booked in advance (if you are unsure of anything then please call Kath Evans, Administrator on 01792 989 200).

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Ground Floor Sun Terrace
2nd Floor Park View Courtyard

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